Thursday, May 12, 2011


By Leidy Ana Fernández.

I am a very interesting person. To write about myself allows me to scrutinise inside of me and discover my personality in different aspects. In this way, I can show how special to be myself is. That means, I can show the main characteristics that identify my person and express my capacity, lived experiences, successes and failures along my life to others. Besides, it lets me, in some way, show myself as an example.

First of all, to be an English student is something wonderful but at the same time it is very hard. I say this is the most beautiful career because I have loved English since I was a child. For me, listening to English music and American people speaking English was something thrilling. That´s why this language became a dream for me; and today, I can say that I feel sure about what I am doing because I am fulfilling my dreams. For this reason, I feel proud of being an English student. I am studying just what I like. I am a hardworking student. When I don´t understand some assignments, I feel confused. Even though, I do not stop until I find the way out to my problem. Like every student that loves her or his career, I always like to get good grades and I know that the key is in my hands by doing my assignments on time. For me, the hardest of being an English student has been to change the way I think. I had to accustom my mind to a new language in the middle of my very own language. Another hard thing was to limit the time of sharing with my friends. For example, when I began to study English, I tried to continue sharing with my friends in the same way, but I could not. Sometimes, they called me to go out, but I was busy doing my homework. Things had changed. I went out and I still go out not when I wish, but when my assignments allow me. That is why I had to get accustomed to elaborate a calendar each semester marking my free time. Another thing was that I used to waste a lot of time watching soap operas, films, and listening to Spanish music. I had to confine all those habits to save time to keep looking up new words in the dictionary. I needed to enrich my vocabulary for being able to give answers, to ask questions, to understand the teachers or what the topic is about in books when I am studying. On the other hand, I have gotten two important and possitive things of it. One is the improvement of expression not only in English, but also in my own language. Today I am more careful before expressing myself. That is something that I had never done before begining to study this language. The other is that I have improved my behaviour inside and outside a classroom. Three years ago, I was one more of those people who are on the hall interrupting classes with a loud voice. However, when I began to study English, I felt ashamed of my conduct. I realised that in the same way that English students need a harmonic environment to concentrate and reach a good learning, the others students need it. Now, I Think that by talking low and gently, the result of a conversation is better and nicer. Lastly, I can say that this language is difficult to learn but not impossible. It is certain that at the begining, it is hard and costs a lot of sacrifice. However at the end, when you see the big knowledge that you have gotten, you can agree with me saying that so much efforts and dedication is worth while.

Besides my experiences as an English student, as a daughter, I do a good job, but I have weaknesses to fulfill some of my duties. First of all, I can say that I enjoy a beautiful relationship with my mother because we always respect each other. Furthermore, I consider her my best friend. That is why I share every personal thing that makes me feel sad or happy with her. I know that if there is something wrong in my life, she is the only person that can give me the best advice. One of the nicest details that makes me feel that I am doing a good job as a daughter is when I arrive at home and my mother is waiting for me with the food ready on the table. Immediately, she asks me if I have to study or do some homework. If I say, “yes I do,” then she says, “Don´t worry about cleaning the house or washing clothes or dishes, I can do it for you.” I think she would not do all those things for me if I were a bad girl. That does not mean that I take advantage of her help because when I can execute my duties, I do it. Moreover, talking about my duties as a daughter, I Know perfectly that I have to help my mother with the housework, behave well, love her , respect her, follow her rules, take care of her when she is sick, and so on. However, to perform my roll becomes so hard because I am the only person who lives with my mother, and it is just there where my weaknesses begin. For example, my main feebleness is time because when my mother gets sick, I have to take care of her, do the housework, and study, too. It is really hard for me to take charge of all those things. For this reason, I always feel disturbed in moments like those. Above all, I think that I am not giving the best of me, neither as a daughter nor as a student. Another weakness that causes me a lot of trouble at home is when I do not agree with my mother´s rules. In most cases, she forgets that I am of age or does not understand my needs and decisions and we argue. For example, when my friends invite me to go out, there are times when she does not agree. She says that it can be dangerous or that it is not a good moment to party. I go out anyway because I like to feel free and make decisions in my life. Although I know that her only purpose is to take care of me, in moments like those, I always have to tell her that I am of age and besides studying and helping her, I need to enjoy my youth. After all, I recognize that I ought to improve my roll as a daughter because once in a while,I am a little authoritarian. However, I think that when between mother and daughter there is a good communication, comprehension, and respect, like in my case, whatever difficulty or weakness is possible to overcome.

As for being a friend, I am a very special person. I always like to enjoy and share adventures and beautiful moments with my friends, like birthday parties, go to rivers and beaches, go on excursions for meeting new places, and so on. For me, things like those are unforgetable. In fact, I love to preserve the best remembrances about my experiences with them. Also, I am a very helpful person. For that reason, I always give my friends the confidence of asking me for whatever favor if I can help. For example, when one of them has a personal problem or needs some explanation about lessons or needs to make a decision, I am always there searching for the best way to help them as much as possible. In hard moments is just when I like to show how big my friendship is. Another characteristic of me is respect. That is why I get along with my friends all the time. I always respect their decisions. Also, to be respectful helps me to accept my friends just the way they are. That means that I do not mind skin color, economic level, or behavior. As a friend, I am aware of the fact that nobody is perfect in this world. Beyond that, I am a very comprehensive girl, especially when my friends are in trouble, feel sad, or ill. Besides, I like to make them feel that they have a friend to share with, not only joy, but also sadness. I am a girl that has fun, smiles, sings, and dances with friends. Nevertheless, in difficult moments when I have to cry with them, I do it, too. Another thing that identifies me is trustfulness. That is one of the things that I most appreciate of friendship. For me, it is a pleasure to keep my friends secrets; and I can assure that I am one of those people that goes into their tombs with secrets. I always give a big value to the confidence that my friends put on me. Furthermore, I do not like to disappoint them. For me, the most beautiful words that I can hear of a friend is “I trust you. “ Besides all this, I am a girl that loves honesty. I like sincerity in whichever relationship. I consider lies the biggest destroyers of friendship. Therefore, I keep them away of my life. Therefore, I am a person who always has the heart full of love and affection to give to friends.

In conclusion, to write about me as an English student, as a daughter and as a friend, has helped me to know myself more deeply. It has allowed me to know my experiences as an English student, my passion for this language, the big changes that I had to do in my life, and the positives things that I have gotten studying this language. Besides, as a daughter it has helped me to recognize the nice relationship that there is between my mother and I, the things that show that I am a good daughter in spite of my weaknesses, how hard it is to execute my duties being the only girl at home, the disagreements between my mother and I, and above all, the things that I love to improve. Also, by writing about me as a friend, I could learn about my way of being with my friends , the things that I like to enjoy with them, how helpful, respectful, comprehensive, reliable and chaste I am with them, and the things that I like and do not like to do to my friends. Finally, I think that to write about myself is a nice way to admit my mistakes, to appreciate my personality, and allow others to know it.

San Francisco de Macorís 2011

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