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      Essay on sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunvar.

    The poem sympathy  by paul Laurence Dunvar is about oppression and freedom. in this poem, the author paul developes an atmosphere of several feelings.

    With little effort, sympathy involves different situations that has relationship with today'sworld in many cities, since they are many kind of oppression, as poorer a country be, more oppression is apply.

   As the readers get closer with the goal of the author, oneself is able to perceivee that the poem reach a big relationship with the lifestyle of the poorest classes of our society.

   In dominican Republic, at one time, we live some period where we suffer all type of oppression. Remembering our past, is easy to point some oppression event such the dictatorship government of Ulisses Eureau and Rafael Leonidas Trujillo such as religious; the people have to belong to the catholic religion, but to their manner, for example, when Trujillo run the presidency, he made the citizen bless his name before  god name. Also discrimination is noticeable, since many tan skin young, attempt to be boyfriend of his daughter and he object. And socio economic oppression,in which the people have to give Trujillo what he wants of their belongings without be questioned if they want cooperate.

   We can point stages where they are connection between sympathy and the present society,one of then is when it says that [ the bird beats his wings till its blood is red on the cruel bars]. reflect many person when protest and hurt themselves demanding some needs. And in other hand also when it says [ that the song of the bird is not a carol one]. Thus, is a bitter way to ask for something. Like when strikers feel powerless and start to cry openly and drown in the desperation.

   The message I can perceive from this poem is that the individual have to strive hardly in order to overcome the difficulties.

   I agree with the author of this work, because the poem contain a lot of fact that reflect the lifestyle of forgotten poorer of the social class.

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Essay on Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dumbar

By Renier Abreu.

The poem Sympathy written by Paul Laurence dumbar is about freedom versus oppression. The right to life, especially liberty, and the pursuit of happiness lead people to move everywhere in pursuit of freedom. Humankind cannot bear very much reality, seeing oppressors putting borders that trap dreams and ideals of a better and deserved life. People are sick and tired of disappearing into obscurity because of others who only care about themselves.

Nowadays, society faces different types of oppressions. Unfortunately, since people are born, they have to confront many types of borders in their lives, being poverty the first one. Societies are prevented from Economical situations that do not allow them, as human beings, of enjoying of some rights that they deserve. There are places that poor people are denied to enter because of their economical status. Another sturdy oppression is government. Some governments only want to have their pockets full of fortune; no matter if others have to die, they just care about theirs. A rap singer says in his song. “Tell me why are we, so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me”. But these are not the only ones. There is another bad oppression that has societies restless. Religious groups, they say and assure that if people do not belong to their sects, human beings cannot save their lives. Those groups do not want to accept people are free and can choose what church to visit.

Poetry and poet, swords and shields for those who expect a new and favorable dawn. Since poetry is around us, it has been a hope that eases people´s pain. Through its words, poetry points people out the details societies ignore about realities of life. Those words can express or describe in eight lines the difficulties that are affecting a village or can denounce what corrupts do everyday. Poets bring to light hundreds of ideas that societies do not even imagine can occur around them. Poets have the courage to face oppression indirectly. They use their own words to say they are against dictators of any kind. Poets confront governments because they penetrate deep into people basic necessities. Poets know the way societies feel. This is shown in the poem when Paul Laurence Dumbar says that “he knows what the caged bird feels”.

Society is sick of putting up with oppressions. People cannot stand it any more. That’s why people have fought throughout history to fade away dictators and oppressions whatever cost. People do not strive in vain to be free, they do it to express some governments and tyrants that societies struggle to get what they deserve. Mahatma Gandy said, governments can last long, but will collapse someday. It hard to admit, but people know that despots punish societies without any kind of consideration. But having people like Martin Luther King, human beings can overcome dictators and oppressors. Citizens are sick of robberies, corruption, inequality, racism, indolence, but above all, are sick of borders and crimes. People are able to make their best effort, to raise when is necessary, even to spill their blood just to get freedom. This is shown in the poem when Paul Laurence Dumbar says. “Till its blood is red on the cruel bars”.

In short, this poem shows from start to finish a huge dose of oppression, loneliness and cruelty. But the most important one is a strongly desire of freedom. Something hard to admit is that oppression is highly infectious among people, and the worst of all is that, although citizens change governments, the result is the same anyway. Paul writes about it to encourage or to induce people do something to achieve freedom. I agree with him because when sit down to watch TV, or listen to the news, I see people dying because of others who shatter people´s aspirations and dreams.

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The poem “sympathy”, written by Paul Laurence Dunbar is about freedom and oppression.
Oppression is evident in the present society in general the poor people has the concept that they do not have the capacity and resources to solve the problems and they wait for the help of the government that never solve that problems so this kind of oppression blockade their will to face oppression and when the people understand this oppression they want to be free and fight against the oppression for their dignity and proclaim the true without fear to be punished for peace and justice.

Political oppression by the government in many countries has occurred when a dictatorship rules and deprives the people from their human rights and liberties, one example of this was when in Dominican Republic many groups fought against Trujillo’s dictatorship and they were killed by this tyrant, this oppression is shown in the poem when the poet says “when his wing is bruised and his bosom sore”.

Religious oppression happens when a particular religions group is bound with the government and deprive the others religious groups from the right to profess the religion freely that has happened in many countries through the history for example in Europe the catholic church persecuted and killed people form other religious groups in the middle age. In recent time the fight between Indus and Islamics in Indian and Pakistan frontier and nowadays the conflict between Jews and Islamics in the middle orient, religious oppression is shown in the poem when the poet says. “A plea that upward to heaven”.

Economical oppression is evident in the present society some people have the majority of the riches and some do not have the necessary to live and only less than the 5 percent of the population of the world have more that the 75 percent of the riches, more than the half of the population in the word are suffering scarcity of food and almost all these people live in under developed countries that is one of the main cause that in many countries around the word they have serious problems in the nourishment of the people and in Latin America these countries have a lot of land to work to feed the poor people in every country, economical oppression is shown in the poem when the poet says “when he fain would be on the bough a swing and a pain still throbs in the old, old scars”.






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Essay on ¨Sympathy ¨ Written by Paul Laurence Dunbar.
By : Adicel Castro.
   The poem sympathy written by Paul Laurence Dunbar is about freedom against oppression. Sympathy tells the emotion that a person can go through when is being deprived of their freedom to speak, be, or choose what they want for themselves. Today in the time that we  are living, many people has to deal with all kind of oppression, either at work with a partner or chief; in school with a classmate or a teacher; or simply society makes them feel slighted.
    Politics, economic situation, and religious status make an incredible impact in society around the world. In many countries, there are group of people who put too much pressure and used their power to enclosure the most helpless. Political oppression occurs, for example, when the government suppresses freedom of speech, demonstrations, and any movement that opposes the government. At the same time, religious oppression happens when an individual is forced to follow any kind of religion in which disagrees. Paul Laurence Dunbar shows this when he writes in the poem ´´ I know what the caged bird feels, alas. ! ´´
   Anger is an automatic response to the not tolerate certain types of behavior. Today, anger is a major player in every society. People gets angry when feels betrayed, humiliated for any kind of reason, or maybe when does not feels able to solve any situation that comes out. That anger makes a person fight for what they want no matter how often falls on the road. In the poem Dunbar shows this with ´´ When he beats his bars and he would be free.! ´´
  There are many great poets today. Many of them have contributed with amazing poems that have caught the attention and the desire of many persons who feels the pleasure of poetry. Dunbar reflects his talent with the poem sympathy and we can see it when he writes ´´ I know why the caged bird sings. ´´
   To sum up, oppression deprives a person´s freedom filling them with an inner emptiness and instead of want to get their freedom becomes oppressors. With sympathy Paul Laurence Dunbar wants to show that a person cannot be happy or enjoys life unless has the freedom to do whatever they want without feeling judged or oppressed. I agree with the author message because a person who is oppressed can get hurt, become an unhappy person, and even can physically hurt itself.

Essay on the poem “sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar

     The poem sympathy written by paul laurence dumbar is about freedom and opresión which  involve  many circumstances that  people face  in different societies.  Nowadays   many   people feel victims of their own live. Others feel opressed by  governmetns, jobs or  a country.  the anger is  an emotional feeling that sometimes becomes in violence when people do not get what they believe that deserve. Poets are  voice for those who can not speak. Freedom is the ability to make choices. for this reason human being  refused the idea of being opressed.

         There are  different types of  oppression such as political, economical,  and religious that force people to live under their means. Political oppression has to do with governments and politicians, in our coutry  there are  some people who  promissed good things for everybody  and  later when they win the vote,  just forget all promissed. Economical oppression affects poor people in a highest way than  rich ones. Many poor people depend economically of politicians, that is why  they  are refuse to vote against them even when they are sure about the corupcion. Economical oppression is not only in our country as a matter of fact oppresion is around the world.  as an example inmigrant people are  underpaid and  obtain bad salaries  besides that they are force to live in bad condition  just because they are ilegal or from  different  social class. Certainly religious oppression is another factor that ocassionally force people to live afraid of express themselves by the fear of go to hell. Some religious groups stay far away of reality,Because some pastor tells them so. Dumbar represent the oppression and freedom stolen when he writes ¨and the faint perfume from its chalice steals.¨

      The point of view of a poet is very important in a society  because they  say through another language those things that sometimes are undercover. The strong social content of a poet can change a world.  as dumbar many good poets claims for better life and treats for everybody. also musicians  uses the music to help people to be aware of  the misery in the  world. the author of sympathy  uses a bird to  represent poor people by the similarities with human. A clear example is that a poet write to express  feelings and a bird sings to comunicate  feelings too. Everyday  we can notice and apreciate the power of writers and singers who reflect their reality and help many people  with it. The writer express his strong feeling and empathy with suffering people, when he writes ¨I know how a cage bird feels.¨

     Anger around the world has to do directly with people ambition, discrimination,  and poverty. Those situations provoke anger  that force a person to get out of their house and make a protest that ussually ends bad. Dumbar express anger when he explain that the cage bird sings not out of joy but to remind us the severe trauma it is facing.

   To sum up  I must say that oppression is a reality that we face around the world Fortunately  there are social  poets that  express their ideas through poetry, just to remind  us that  discrimination and poverty are negative situation  that makes people angry around the world.  The author of sympathy is telling us  that people can not live without freedom  even when it seems imposible. In my opinion freedom and oppression not only depend in a person habilities its  depends on a society a close comunity together . I agree with the author and his idea of freedom because people should fight for what they want it does not matter the situation.

Essay on the poem “sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

By Sonia Diaz.

The poem “sympathy” written by Paul Laurence Dunbar is about freedom vs. oppression. Oppression is one of the problems that affect people around the world. Nowadays, people are oppressed for many different reasons. People are oppressed for their jobs, families, school religion etc. but some of them look for the opportunity to get freedom.

There are different types of oppression. The societies that we are living now demand that people do many things to get their aspirations. Almost everybody make efforts to achieve goals even when they have to work for someone else. Another type of oppression can be political oppression. They use their power to oppress people. Also there is religious oppression. This type of oppressive people tries to convince people to stay with them even when people do not believe in their ideals. The poet shows this situation when he writes “I know why the caged bird beats his wing”.

Certainly, people can be affected when they are oppressed. But fortunately, there are people who decide to fight hard in order to show people need to be free. A lot of people contribute with all who need help during difficult situations even when people do not know they are helping them. This kind of people, find the way to show another people feeling. Paul Laurence Dunbar shows this situation when he writes “I know what the caged bird feels”.

Besides, many people are angry. They are suffering oppression. But some people decide not to wait until the end of their lives. They call their oppressor’s attention expressing anger. Paul Laurence Dunbar shows this situation when he writes “When he beats his bars and he would be free”

Finally, I can say that freedom and oppression are opposite. This can be one of the reasons why people are unhappy. Also there are people who think that freedom is not as important as the position they get in society. They prefer to have the higher position in the society instead of freedom. Even though they do not have the opportunity to be themselves. This make them feel frustrated. On the other hand, there are people who decide to manage their lives themselves without oppression. This make them feel satisfied. Paul Laurence Dunbar message is to live without freedom is not a real life. I agree with him because people have to fight hard to get freedom. They have to use whatever resource at hand to show they are not going to continue oppressed.

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Essay on the poem "Sympathy" by Paul Laurance Dunbar

by Samuel Santos

The poem "Sympathy" written by Paul Laurence Dunbar deals with freedom aganist oppression. Freedom refer to absense of unsuitable restrictions and an opportunity given for exercice one's right. People can lose their freedom either for doing something aganist the law or put in jail for some unfair reason. On the other hand oppression is the cruel exercise of power toward weak people.

There are many types of oppression why people can be affected, like political oppresion. This one can be manifested when the government impose a command depriving human's right, for example, people force to work long hours with low wages. Another common type of oppression is the social one which implies a feeling of discrimination toward other people due to skin color, the way they dress, or just for being from another culture and so on. Otherwise there is economic oppression as well, this one is shown when many people work for a very low payment, while others get more richness taking advantage from people in need. Any types of religion is a group of rules tha ties someone lives up, but a true relationship with Christ brings us freedom according to the bible.

Nowadays in society we notice oppression when a person in charge a certain position at work patronize others making them feel as an insect. They think that they are prince sitting in the king's palace, an also when we see a journalist is censored by the government for telling the truth in the press. Poets contribute in society by means of poetry. This is the way the express their feelings putting themselves in people's shoes, like in the poem whe Dunbar says, " i know what the caged bird feels, alas". Poets defend the right of needy people without censorship. Using their special way of writing poets are the voice of needy people in society, as in the poem when Dunbar uses a caged bird to describe a group of people in captivity.

There are lot of ways how people show their anger in a society, for example, in the poem Dunbar is angry for what was happening to their people at that time, so he wrote in a such way, as if he was right there suffering with them all, because poetry is a mean that poets use to pour out their strong thoughts and that provokes reactions among people.

To conclude the lack of freedom in a place provokes resentment in people and bad things lift it up sooner or later. The author teaches us that people have rights and cannot live without them. I agree with the author because no matter the situation that we could be facing we cannot afford to lose hope.

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Essay on the poem ´´Sympathy´´ written by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

By Jose Erasmo Nuñez.

The poem ´´Sympathy´´ written by Paul Laurence Dunbar is about Freedom vs. Oppression. It is essential to know that, the liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression is one of the most important states in people’s lives. Nowadays, it is not a secret that people feel comfortable when they are able to speak out and say what they want to say, but it is also very important to know that people are limited by restrictions, which reduces these freedoms.

In the world that we are living now, there are many types of oppression. There are political, religious, and social oppression. Political oppression takes place when the government tries to govern people in an unfair and cruel way, and prevent them from having opportunities and getting freedom. Something curious is that, nowadays, if people do not belong to a specific religion, they can not get a good job, and in some cases, there are institutions that do not allow them to be part of them if they do not belong to the religion to which they attend. Social oppression can also be devastating for society. It is what supports the mistreatment and exploitation of a group or category of people. In the poem ´´Sympathy´´ Paul Laurence Dunbar shows this when he writes ´´I know why the caged bird beats his wing´´.

In the society that we are living now, most of the poets are feeling the necessity of writing poems about freedom. They use poetry to make known or show the things that usually are in secret or hidden. For example, Pablo Neruda is one of the greatest poets that use poetry to fight against oppression. He also brings to light the issues that are affecting the society. This is shown in the poem ´´Sympathy´´ when Paul Laurence Dunbar writes ´´I know why the caged bird sings! ´´

Nowadays, we can perceive that most of the people around the world have revolutionary blood in their veins. Sometimes when we want to get something good for society, for sure, we have to make a big effort and fight for it. When people are mistreated and oppressed, they get angry and decide to protest in different ways. They usually protest in the streets in a peaceful way, but most of the time they turn violent. In other words, people try to get their freedom in any form. When poets see this kind of situation, they also get angry and write poems about the attitude that people acquire when they are oppressed. In the poem ´´Sympathy´´ the poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar, shows this when he writes ´´when he beats his bars and would be free´´.

In conclusion, it is incredible to know what people around the world do to get freedom. Oppression is something cruel. There will always be people who fight against it. The most important thing is that, with the help of the poets, to get freedom and to stop oppression is easier. The message that the author wants to show is that, no matter what life brings, you should fight to get your freedom. In my personal opinion, Paul Laurence Dunbar is right because the only thing that makes people feel strong and free is the desire to fight for the things that they want in life.