Thursday, November 10, 2011

Essay on the poem “sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar

     The poem sympathy written by paul laurence dumbar is about freedom and opresión which  involve  many circumstances that  people face  in different societies.  Nowadays   many   people feel victims of their own live. Others feel opressed by  governmetns, jobs or  a country.  the anger is  an emotional feeling that sometimes becomes in violence when people do not get what they believe that deserve. Poets are  voice for those who can not speak. Freedom is the ability to make choices. for this reason human being  refused the idea of being opressed.

         There are  different types of  oppression such as political, economical,  and religious that force people to live under their means. Political oppression has to do with governments and politicians, in our coutry  there are  some people who  promissed good things for everybody  and  later when they win the vote,  just forget all promissed. Economical oppression affects poor people in a highest way than  rich ones. Many poor people depend economically of politicians, that is why  they  are refuse to vote against them even when they are sure about the corupcion. Economical oppression is not only in our country as a matter of fact oppresion is around the world.  as an example inmigrant people are  underpaid and  obtain bad salaries  besides that they are force to live in bad condition  just because they are ilegal or from  different  social class. Certainly religious oppression is another factor that ocassionally force people to live afraid of express themselves by the fear of go to hell. Some religious groups stay far away of reality,Because some pastor tells them so. Dumbar represent the oppression and freedom stolen when he writes ¨and the faint perfume from its chalice steals.¨

      The point of view of a poet is very important in a society  because they  say through another language those things that sometimes are undercover. The strong social content of a poet can change a world.  as dumbar many good poets claims for better life and treats for everybody. also musicians  uses the music to help people to be aware of  the misery in the  world. the author of sympathy  uses a bird to  represent poor people by the similarities with human. A clear example is that a poet write to express  feelings and a bird sings to comunicate  feelings too. Everyday  we can notice and apreciate the power of writers and singers who reflect their reality and help many people  with it. The writer express his strong feeling and empathy with suffering people, when he writes ¨I know how a cage bird feels.¨

     Anger around the world has to do directly with people ambition, discrimination,  and poverty. Those situations provoke anger  that force a person to get out of their house and make a protest that ussually ends bad. Dumbar express anger when he explain that the cage bird sings not out of joy but to remind us the severe trauma it is facing.

   To sum up  I must say that oppression is a reality that we face around the world Fortunately  there are social  poets that  express their ideas through poetry, just to remind  us that  discrimination and poverty are negative situation  that makes people angry around the world.  The author of sympathy is telling us  that people can not live without freedom  even when it seems imposible. In my opinion freedom and oppression not only depend in a person habilities its  depends on a society a close comunity together . I agree with the author and his idea of freedom because people should fight for what they want it does not matter the situation.

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  1. I noticed that you have a clear point of view of what oppression can provoke in a person. Also, i can tell that you apreciate the importance of people freedom.Consider give more details of the situations that provoke people´s anger.