Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travvel tips

   Last week, I was looking for information on a website.I found a headline like this "travel where you want and pay less".When I saw that headline I stop to think for a few seconds and I made a click over the information because I have thought to travel one day.I want to travel to an English speaker country not for living there,but just for to know more about English culture because I am  an English student and English student are suppoused to  keep in contact with English culture.For make a long story short I opened the chart.I was surprised with the variety of information about things you have to know when traveling to a foreign country and  also the price of the different travels. I disagree with the prices becsuse you can not pay $ 500 dollars to travel to the U.S. One of the things thst Iliked the most about that information was that it offers tips people are supposed to know when traveling.Such tips are the weather , places to visit ,and the kind of people of those countries.In my personal opinion it is agood way to show people information about different countries . SO ,here is my question,Are you being interested in traveling to another country one day ,especially if you are an English student ?