Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Essay on Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dumbar

By Renier Abreu.

The poem Sympathy written by Paul Laurence dumbar is about freedom versus oppression. The right to life, especially liberty, and the pursuit of happiness lead people to move everywhere in pursuit of freedom. Humankind cannot bear very much reality, seeing oppressors putting borders that trap dreams and ideals of a better and deserved life. People are sick and tired of disappearing into obscurity because of others who only care about themselves.

Nowadays, society faces different types of oppressions. Unfortunately, since people are born, they have to confront many types of borders in their lives, being poverty the first one. Societies are prevented from Economical situations that do not allow them, as human beings, of enjoying of some rights that they deserve. There are places that poor people are denied to enter because of their economical status. Another sturdy oppression is government. Some governments only want to have their pockets full of fortune; no matter if others have to die, they just care about theirs. A rap singer says in his song. “Tell me why are we, so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me”. But these are not the only ones. There is another bad oppression that has societies restless. Religious groups, they say and assure that if people do not belong to their sects, human beings cannot save their lives. Those groups do not want to accept people are free and can choose what church to visit.

Poetry and poet, swords and shields for those who expect a new and favorable dawn. Since poetry is around us, it has been a hope that eases people´s pain. Through its words, poetry points people out the details societies ignore about realities of life. Those words can express or describe in eight lines the difficulties that are affecting a village or can denounce what corrupts do everyday. Poets bring to light hundreds of ideas that societies do not even imagine can occur around them. Poets have the courage to face oppression indirectly. They use their own words to say they are against dictators of any kind. Poets confront governments because they penetrate deep into people basic necessities. Poets know the way societies feel. This is shown in the poem when Paul Laurence Dumbar says that “he knows what the caged bird feels”.

Society is sick of putting up with oppressions. People cannot stand it any more. That’s why people have fought throughout history to fade away dictators and oppressions whatever cost. People do not strive in vain to be free, they do it to express some governments and tyrants that societies struggle to get what they deserve. Mahatma Gandy said, governments can last long, but will collapse someday. It hard to admit, but people know that despots punish societies without any kind of consideration. But having people like Martin Luther King, human beings can overcome dictators and oppressors. Citizens are sick of robberies, corruption, inequality, racism, indolence, but above all, are sick of borders and crimes. People are able to make their best effort, to raise when is necessary, even to spill their blood just to get freedom. This is shown in the poem when Paul Laurence Dumbar says. “Till its blood is red on the cruel bars”.

In short, this poem shows from start to finish a huge dose of oppression, loneliness and cruelty. But the most important one is a strongly desire of freedom. Something hard to admit is that oppression is highly infectious among people, and the worst of all is that, although citizens change governments, the result is the same anyway. Paul writes about it to encourage or to induce people do something to achieve freedom. I agree with him because when sit down to watch TV, or listen to the news, I see people dying because of others who shatter people´s aspirations and dreams.

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