Monday, May 30, 2011

The Foreign Languages Socialization Meeting

by: Orinson Fco. Pichardo

May 24th was the last day for The Foreign Languages Socialization Meeting this year. There were songs in English and some songs in French, dramas, power point presentations, and explenation about English speaking countries. Many teachers participated with their students from the distrit 16-03, Cevicos.

My students did a great job, having in the stage a presentator; Brenny, two singers; Rucheiry and Luz Ester, and three boys who participated in a dramatization; Joan, Luis and Cristian. The Foreign Languages Socialization Meeting was a talent show, giving to the fans a nice time. Teacher Nona was a nice guest for this event.

The teacher Rosa Fco. Ramirez from the highschool Socorro del Rosario Sanchez presented great numbers: Luz del Alba was the singer, Roseily was the expositor, and a group of students named Chorus Socorro Sanchez sang a song, in which Wilfran, Chuko, Neribel, Smarlin and Joselito performed.

The last song, in order to close this event, was performed by Ramona, who was an interchange student in this festival. I was the person selected to play the guitar for her.

The musician were: Orinson; playing the guitar, Jose and Angeury; in the drummer, giving the best of everyone in the stage.

In my personal opinion, everything was wonderful. I could notice what young talents can do, and that I have to improve myself day and day, because those guys time and time are increasing in English language.

I must to greet to Daneira and her student Leidy; who was a presentator too. Thanks to my photographers: Nelly and Yane Yan, In special to my technician Felix Garcia who is one of the best person that I know. Also I have to thank to Maximo for being my English teacher at the university and allowed me to post these information that I hope you like it.

La Cueva, Cotui. 2011.