Monday, May 9, 2011


My life

By Orinson Fco. Pichardo

My life is an interesting one. Writing about myself is important because I can find information about me. It helps me to know how special I am. Writing about myself as an English student makes me compare my skills with other students and improve. Also, to be a painter is an interesting hobby to spend time and people can know me very well. Besides, Playing the guitar is a great pass time and also it can be a motivation for others to get the same hobby. Writing about me could be interesting for the future when I die; this way people get information about me.

English is one of the best things that I could achieve. My English has its own history. I started studying it when I was thirteen. At present, I am studying it. When TV cable was developing, there was a TV in my house and I used to watch a lot of interesting movies in English, but I could not understand a word. That pushed me to study. Nowadays, English is my carreer. It became one of the most important goals in my life. I am learning it because I can talk to people from English speaking countries and understand them. I have to study harder day by day. I want to be a good English speaker and be successful in this field. Thank¨s heaven for having great teachers and nice classmates. These words come from the bottom of my heart and I feel them one by one.

For me painting is one of the best things to do. It amuses me in my leisure time, giving me a pleasant feeling about myself. I started doing this when I was about nine, drawing comics. My father alwalys used to correct my mistakes, telling me what was wrong and what was ok. All this involved me in the artistic world. In 2006, I attended to an art academy, where I started with portraits. I will never stop painting. I can not print all the ideas I have in mind. My pictures have to get more expensive day by day, and my biggest wish is to make and exhibition where people can appreciate my works of art. Only my Lord is allowed to stop my carreer.

Besides English and painting, the guitar is the musical instrument that makes me happy when I need it. My attraction for it and its sound began many years ago when I was a teenager. I just looked for somebody to teach me how to play. It was difficult at first, because strings almost make your finger tips bleed, but if you want to succed you have to try and try all the time. I have been in concerts with friends. I have played many times. Nowadays, I am study a little bit of music. Actually, I play for the church, the Foreign Languages Festival at schools and high schools. I love all this and I would like to perform in a big stage someday. I have a guitar which rest on my bed the whole day. Music is sweet for the soul and deep for the heart.

All in all my life is a busy one, i do many things at the same time. I am studying English at the university. Sometimes, I paint pictures and playing the guitar. All is involved in these and I think I can not stop doing them. I would like a quieter life but, my time is taken. I can not separate one activity from the other. To be busy is not easy, but it is easier than to be lazy. I am a lucky person for being able to do all these things, which no everybody can do.

La Cueva, Cotui. 2011.


  1. excuse me wow! this is awesome.

  2. It seems that you write with your heart, i really like the way you do so.In my opinion you have a clear idea of who you are and, what are your pourposes in the future. Because acording to this essay you discovered since you were a little boy.I am honored to be your friend. I am agree when you say Thank¨s heaven for having great teachers and nice classmates. (i love it) Now I can see your potencial, and this is going to sound strange because we joking all the time. However I am so proud of you. God bless you.