Monday, May 14, 2012

Water in Francisco Alberto Caamaño Neighborhood 

By Ana Esther  García Collado

       Water in Francisco Alberto Caamaño and the way people are managing the system are a very complicated issue. Neighbors are afraid and asking for help with some critical situation they are facing.Water has a number of unique and unusual properties that are responsible for the important role it plays in Francisco Alberto Caamaño Neighborhood.

        First of all, water is the most important element in Francisco Alberto Caamaño Neighborhood. It is essential to live and for a person to survive, she or he depends on drinking water. Besides, it is a key component in the quality of our everyday life. That is why every living thing needs it to live. It is one of the most important gifts around the world. In this community, they say water is an incredibly important aspect for. Many neighbors say that water has a lot of uses. For example, water is used for cooking, drinking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and many other activities. According to what people say, in Francisco Alberto Caamaño, everybody has something new to say about the importance of water. Their opinions call everybodys attention. In fact, neighbors speak about the importance that water has in the community. There are a lot of children who really enjoy playing and are running all the time. After playing and running, they really need to take a shower because it is fundamental for us to be in good health.

       Secondly, water pollution is one of the biggest problems in Francisco Alberto Caamaño Neighborhood. It has been controlled, but sometime ago, water pollution created a mess. People could see garbage and insects when collecting the water for their needs. The neighbors were afraid of this situation because it was getting worse and nobody helped them.  As time passed, neighbors talked to other people and solved the problem. They fixed the pipes which was the main inconvenient. Now water is cleaner than years ago. Eventhough they fixed the pipes, the problem was not solved completely because nowadays, people pollute water. Neighbors dump chemical products and waste products into rivers. Also, they throw old tires and allow their cars to leak oil and gas. They wash vehicles, throw garbage such as plastic, bottles, or other household product in rivers. The effects of water pollution are not only devasting to people, but also animals. Polluted water is not good for drinking, recreation, agriculture, or industry. Consequently, polluted water destroys aquatic life and reduces its reproductive abilities. Something curious is that nobody can escape from the effects of water pollution and that is a global problem. It is happening everywhere. The truth is that people continue polluting water, not taking into account the illnesses it can cause.

        Another strong aspect is that scarcity of water is causing problems in Francisco Alberto Caamaño Neighborhood. People are worried about this situation because of the strange way a man is managing the system. This community shares the water with another neighborhood, but the man who opens the grift sometimes forgets to send this community water and neighbors are always having trouble. Scarcity of water  is not so big nowadays compared to years ago, in which many people  had to go to other places to find water or wait  for days, weeks, and even month to see a drop of water. Many of the neighbors say that scarcity of water is not happening just in our community. It is a global situation. Life is difficult has been in my community. Children can not survive without water and this situation can cause serious problems. They can get sick; mothers protest everyday because of this situation.They can not do all the chores and get angry when they see people wasting it in the streets.

      In conclusion, water plays an important role in Francisco Alberto Caamaño Neighborhood. Water is the most important and essential element neighbors have because they cannot survive without water. Besides, people in the neighborhood feel afraid of water pollution because people are polluting water. That is why scarcity of water is the third aspect that is causing problem because years ago, neighbors had to go to other places to find water. This situation makes people in my community feel strong and face the hard moments.

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