Monday, May 14, 2012

Pollution in La Yuca

By Melvin Manuel Mota Morfe

¨It does not matter how old the clothes you wear are. Whenever they are clean, they will look different¨, my mother says. There are many issues that affect the community of La Yuca nowadays. As an illustration, we can mention assaults, blackouts, robberies and so on. But pollution is the most difficult problem the inhabitants of La Yuca are undergoing. It needs different strategies to be solved. Indeed, the more chances garbage, black waters and their resulting diseases take to spread all over the community, the more difficult the situation becomes for the member of this community. This issue is drawing the members of the neighborhood toward a life of misery and poverty.
 No doubt, garbage is one of the main problems in La Yuca. That is why more diseases appear in the neighborhood everyday. This occurs because the members of the community throw garbage out without thinking how this can impact their own health and their quality of life. Also, this occurs because people are not aware of the damage they cause to the environment. Another reason is the lack of garbage cans that are necessary in the streets of the community. In addition, the absence of garbage trucks to pick it up can be added. If they do not solve this issue before it reaches its top, they will suffer serious consequences that will affect their everyday lives.
 Similarly, black waters are also affecting the community.  The streets of the community are full of them. Thus, when kids play, they get sick. Moreover, black waters damage the environment. For example, they are taking territory in the neighborhood. They are getting in the houses of the community. Likewise, black waters are affecting the economy of the community because the inhabitants of the neighborhood do not want to walk on the streets. Furthermore, black waters affect health. In Fact, many families cannot eat at noon in their houses because of the bad smell. They are afraid of going out. This obliges them to stay in and stand the pollution. Black waters affect in other ways. People cannot walk on the streets because there is water spread all over and when a car passes by, it splashes them. In other Words, the community is becoming a nest of rats. Black waters are dangerous because kids might fall into them and drown. Also, pregnant women could have accidents and lose their babies. Hence, that would be a tragedy. Beyond that, the inhabitants of the neighborhood say that they are sick of the situation. What is more, they say that the authorities of the town hall do not do anything. However, the authorities say that they are working on the city. No doubt, black waters come from ravings due to they do not have a way to go straight to the river.  Black waters in the community are present all the time, but when it rains, this gets worse.
In the same way, resulting diseases that appear from garbage and black waters are dangerous for the health of the inhabitants of La Yuca. For instance, they have instep which causes itch in the body of people. They have an allergy that causes itch in the skin, too. It also affects the blood and if it is not controlled on time, this can cause several damages in people´s health. Garbage produces maggots that move from one place to another. Also, it draws flies and mosquitoes. Consequently, flies go to the garbage. They pick up the maggots and take them to the houses in the community. Beyond that, mosquitoes reproduce in the black waters. In the same way, mosquitoes transmit many diseases. They use their bodies to transmit them from one person to another. Another disease that is good to mention is cholera. It comes from garbage and black waters. Cholera is the most dangerous disease that results from garbage and black waters. Because of this, a person can die in twenty-four hours. These resulting diseases can be eliminated. Besides, these resulting diseases reduce the quality of life of the people because they do not allow children to develop as needed.
To sum up, garbage, black waters, and their resulting diseases are the matters that threat the quietness of La Yuca. They represent a dare that will draw them apart from pollution. The will continue increasing as much as they can. Garbage will continue drawing more insects toward the community. Black waters will end up covering the entire community. In addition, the resulting diseases will take more advantage over the health of the inhabitants. Therefore, they will bring serious consequences and will affect the community in all the possible ways. As a case in point, a person could die if he or she does not resist those diseases. Poverty of the neighborhood will increase and the development of the community will be totally stuck. Certainly, they cannot be eliminated totally. However, they can be controlled in a way that does not affect the community.

San Francisco de Macorís 2012

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