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Blackouts in Gregorio Luperón Neighborhood

Blackouts in Gregorio Luperon Neighborhood


    Blackouts are a problem that has affected Gregorio Luperon since many years ago. The most affected are the poor neighborhoods such as Gregorio Luperon. The people who live there complain about the high cost of electricity. They do not understand why they have to pay a lot of money if they seldom have it. Another important thing is the danger caused by blackouts. People in this community are always afraid at night when electricity goes away. Besides this, blackouts affect businesses because electricity is an important resource for them and most of them should close as a concequence of blackouts.

    The first aspect to mention is the cost of electricity in Gregorio Luperon. This community seldom has electricity. There are almost always blackouts. On the other hand, the cost of electricity is very high in comparison to the time people receive the service. Because of this, most of the neighbors in Gregorio Luperon are always angry when they talk about the topic. In particular, they say that the electricity company must charge just the time they receive the service but, its does not happen. Every month, people in the |community are worried when they are waiting for the bills. They never know how much they have to pay. Although the company sends the electricity for a while, the bills are always high. For this reason, sometimes neighbors in bad economic situation have to take the money they have to buy food and medicine to pay the bills. Almost always, they do not have enough money to pay it on time and if they do not do it, the company cuts the service. Also some neighbors complain because it is not fair to pay the same quantity as people who live in big houses with air conditioning systems, more than two television sets, and fans. The neighbors also say that it is not fair they have to pay for something they do not receive and when the company sends the bill, they have to pay inmediately because if they do not pay the date the bill says, the company cuts the service. Besides this, they have to pay extra for not paying on time.

    Secondly, danger is another important aspect that affects Gregorio Luperon due to blackouts. In this community, people seldom have electricity. As a consequence, the problem affects people more at night. Everybody locks all the doors and windows because in the darkness. Also, at night there are some places in the community where people cannot see very well when there is a blackout. That is very dangerous because criminals hide there to assault people who walk around those places. Sometimes, when one of the neighbors go to his/her house from college, they have to call a brother or another neighbor to pick them up as soon as they arrive. This problem affects all the students that have class until late at night. Also, since drivers do not want to go inside the dark neighborhood, that place is very dangerous. Besides students, this problem affects some neighbors that have to work until late at night. This also affects their families since they are worried about what could happend and cannot sleep. Another problem is that electricity is unsteady. It looks like a Christmas tree. As result, many the electronic devices break down
and cause accidents.

    The last important element to mention is that businesses are affected by blackouts in Gregorio Luperon. In this community, there are many stores affected by blackouts such as markets, supermarkets, cybercafes, barbershops, beauty centers, and grocery stores. In the case of markets and supermarkerts, electricity is almost the most important thing because most of the food needs to refrigerate. Therefore they need electricity. As result, businesses owner throw away a lot of damaged food. Owners of these businesses lose a lot of money for that reason. Some businesses have had to close due to blackouts. People who work there are in bad economic situation since these businesses are the only way they get money to pay the rent, the kid´s school, food, and electricity. Some businesses owners buy electric generators just to have electricity for a few hours. Some business owners cannot buy generators. As result, costumers go to other businesses that have one. That is why owners of theses businesses lose clients and lose money.

    In summary, due to blackouts, many people of Gregorio Luperon are affected in their life styles. Also, blackouts affect the peace as result of the danger caused blackouts. Finally this problem affects the economy of Gregorio Luperon. Blackouts are halting the growth of Gregorio Luperon neighborhood.

San Francisco de Macorís, 2012

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