Saturday, December 24, 2011

My family

By Maria Elena Maria

         My family is very important for me.   I feel excellent for having a special family.  They are the most important people around me.  That is why,  I have several memories about them.I enjoy all the moments with my family, especially, when we all eat together every Sunday.  I am very happy for everything that I can give and receive from them.  I can find  friends in my family and can count on each one of them all the time.

Love is the most beautiful feeling which a person can feel.  I love my  family so much.  Each one of them has a part of my heart.   We have a good relationship.   I think love is the strenght that keeps the family together.   I do not have words for describing the love for my children.  They are the most important part of my heart.  It is very exciting to listen to my children tell me when they go to bed.  ´´ l love you, mommy. Give me a kiss. ´´ I want to grow up like a person everyday for my children.  I anjoy them so much. There are my reason to be happy.  The love of my husband is very important for me, too. He  always cares for me and my children.  He is very special in my life.  He helps me in everything that l need.   I love him so much. Besides that, l have  great parents.  For me, there is no difference betwen them.  My father  is very funny with all the family.  He is like a baby.  My mother always cares for the family.   I Really, feel very pround of her.    My parent have just three children, my brother, my sister, and me.   My brother and l have a very good relationship.  He is very polite with me and my children. Dolores is not only my sister.  She is my best friend.  I always have  her support.   I feel good when I can make  my family laugh.  We live in peace and love.

Besides that in my family, respect is the second most important aspect.  The base for an excellent family is to be respectful.  When you have respect for all the people, you are a very niece person and everybody loves you.   If you respect, you receive the same.  In my family, we respect my father. My mother is very respectful and always says ´´everybody here has to respect me.´´ My brother is the oldest son in my family.  He always shows respect for people.  We grew up seing how the relationship of my parents was.  Some people think  respect depends on the age of people, but that is  not true because everybody needs respect.  I love my wonderful family.  We are very united and respectful.  I feel thankful with God for having me this excellent family.

           In my family, there is another important aspect, and it is unity.  The best way of having a good family is to keep it united.  It is very special and important to have a family that you can count with.  No matter the time or the problem that you have, your family is always with you.  I like to go my parent´s house.  My mother cooks for the family and we play and talk about a subject and have a nice day.  My adorable mother cares for the family. In my family, we make a meeting every year.  This is an excellent idea.  Everybody likes and waits for that day.  This is an unforgettable experience because there, I can meet many cousins.

         Finally love is the first most important aspect in my family because with love, we can have a good relationship and live in peace.  Beside that, We are very respecful.  We always respect all the people ln order to receive the same respect for us. That is why, unity is the third most important aspect because when  we are united,  we resolve many problems.  I really feel grateful with God for being so generous and given me a wonderful family. I hope my family continues being united,happy and always keeping a good relationship.    

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