Saturday, December 24, 2011


By Samuel Santos

My family is an important and an interesting one. Well, my parents met in San Francisco de Macorís at the age of 18 roughly in a house of one of their friends. They got married when they were attending high school and they lived with their parents for a while because they could not afford to pay the rent. They were not working and they were too young by that time. After high school, my father went to Santo Domingo in order to study at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo for becoming a dentist, and two years later, they got divorced. Beyond that, we have a fairly close relationship in which I can count on them and they can count on me.

Getting along, in my family, is an emotion of strong and personal attachment. This a great quality in my family because it means to live in a environment of peace, respect, in which everybody can feel in confidence, safety, and love. With those virtues that surround us, everything will be in balance. These values are important because they keep the family together at all times, even though when moments of hardships come up. The key of this is keeping in touch as many times as possible by means of internet, cell phones, or giving special presents now that my parents live away from me. My father lives in Brazil and my mother lives in Santiago, Dominican Republic, so I got used to talk more often with my mother because she is closer than my father geographically speaking. I love both of them. It is worthwhile showing affection among us because we reflect what we are in society, so the more we treat others in a friendly way the more friendly other teat us. Love is reciprocal. We, as a family, try to show affection among us despite the distance, and I know they always keep me in their hearts and so do I. The most important thing is that I let them know how much I care about them, no matter what might happen. Every time they need me, I will be there if God willing. The only thing I have to do at the moment is give them a call in order to let them feel me close. I live with my grandmother and long time ago, she told me that the best way of getting along in family is helping each other and to sow an atmosphere of peace and calmness. These things make burdens less heavy. Also it is quite important for each member of a family to get along because this will bring a peaceful environment. Consequently, that will grab joy and willingness to support mutually.

Hard work is an important virtue in my family. One of the reasons why that is true is that nearly all of them are excellent at their work fields. My family considers that they are good in their jobs because this is a result of having a family channeled toward good deeds, maintaining a great respect for each member of the family and for other people. My family loves studying. They think that having a degree is a great tool in life and it has its benefits such as good job, a better lifestyle, and so on. One of the aspects that l like the most in my family is when they pursue a dream nothing stops them, just like a shark hunting its prey. It is a matter of devotion and effort. My parents are good examples to follow for me. Hard work is important because everybody in a society can help our country at its different kinds of labor in order to build a better country. A society that does not care about working hard will not be able to get economical prosperity. Also, hard work gives every person, a sense of duty, honesty, and the cultivation of good values.

Persistence is a quality that my family has shown since I was a kid. I describe them as a bunch of persistent people in life. Every goal that they have been proposed during life has been accomplished by them. I think this is a remarkable virtue because all people should be persistent in everything that they want to achieve, always taking into consideration that nobody has control over life. Instead, God is in control of everything and what we need to do is take each chance that he gives us in this life to use it in our favor. Persistence is a tool that parents should acquire with their children. Unfortunately, this virtue has been lost due to the accelerated life families live in, but this is not an excuse. There is always time for sharing during the week as my parents did long time ago. Persistence is an important aspect that we all should cultivate above all in our future children, now that they will be in charge of the nation someday.

To conclude, having a united family is quite important for every human being in a given society because families are the core of every society. That is where a person learns values, behavior, customs, persistence, and so on. Also people learn how to persist in life in pursue of the dreams that are deeply attached in their hearts. Depending on that, we will be a productive or an unproductive individual in their jobs and/or everyday lives. It is in the process of sharing with our families that we learn how to treat other people, behave at work, university, and in whatever place we could be living. I consider a healthy development in our lives to rely on what our parents and/or tutors have taught such good virtues. They will help us live together in harmony and respect, making a balance and always cooperating with each other.

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  1. DEAR Sam I can say a lot of things about your composition, but i do not have plenty space so Im going to satart by saying, you are awesome. i feel honored to have a friend as great as you are. You rigth in the third paragraph when you say, God is in control of everything and what we need to do is take each chance that he gives us in this life to use it in our favor. I think that you are really that kind of person who trust in God and take the chances that he provides you. Your persistance and crazyness sometimes, without forgiving where you come from are the thing that makes you an unforgetable human being. i love so much from the bottom of my heart. I am pleased to have a partner like you. GOD BLESS YOU.