Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my family

By Jose Demetrio Negrin.

A family is related to a father and mother together with their children. This is one of the goals many people want to reach in life. Many of them go to universities and later, start working very hard to provide a good quality of life for their future families. On the other hand, there are people who don`t have enough education to face the challenges of life. As a consequence, they have children before a career or a job. Nowadays, this is the big picture in our society, single mothers without father`s support and divorces because of the poverty they face, so people should be prepared economically and mentally to have a family. For those problems people face, my parents took enough time to prepare our family. That is why my family is an important part in my heart. Both of them worked very hard in order to provide my sisters and I an education based on love, respect, and good manners, always with God as the best example of these qualities.
First of all, Love is the engine that moves my family through many actions. My mother as an example has given everything in order to make of us better people. For example, when my father passed away, she took care of everything in my house. Just a person who is in love does such a priceless action. She is my inspiration to go on because of all the valuable things we have learned from her such as working hard in order to make our dreams come true, of course, with the help of God. My father was also a great person who supported our needs although I did not spend too much time with him. He was an example of love because he never gave up even though there were difficulties in our lives. This man is unforgettable for my family and relatives. In my town, he is remembered as a leader who helped anybody facing a problem, that is one of the reasons why I really feel proud of him. Now just my mother and I live at home. I remember from my childhood that when anybody was out of the house, the rest of the family missed that person. Then I realize we love each other. Even though my sisters live overseas, we share an excellent relationship and try to keep in touch talking by phone or through the internet besides they visit our house once a year as well. When I travel to United States, they have great attentions with my mother and me.  It doesn`t matter how busy the can be at the moment, they are present on birthdays or any other special date too.When one of them had her first child, my mother traveled and took care of the baby until my sister started working again. Through these actions, I consider my mother the best around the world. She has also taken care of the rest of my sisters` children and I saw how she enjoyed educating and showing love to them. Nowadays, I believe my sisters are also very proud of having a mother with a high sense of compromise and love because of all the sacrifices she has done to maintain the family together. In fact love is all we need to subsist. Love makes of us better and near of God. Now, we realize that without love our family cannot exist.

 In addition, Respect is an action that we show toward others around us. Through respect we say that everyone is important in our lives. In my family I have learned how to respect through many actions. For example, I could observe how my mother always respected my father`s decision about any problem affecting the family without arguments in a quiet mood and respectful forms. In the same way, I can see how my family shows respect to the privacy of anyone because nobody wants to feel that their own family interferes with their private lives. That is another reason why we share a good relationship based on respect. Also, when someone is taking a good or bad decision, the rest of the family just explain their points of view instead of complaining. We respect each other’s belongings, which is very important to maintain respect and peace around us. Also, when I am not in a good mood, I like to be alone for a while to avoid giving bad responses to anyone. Sometimes, we are in front of a disrespectful person to whom it is difficult to show respect. In that moment, I remember a quote from my father: “the worst you can do is to pay attention to an annoying person.” That is why for my sisters and I respect is a good weapon to achieve and win any battle because we have developed it firstly at home to communicate among us thanks to my parents. Then we apply it outside. I always respect my mother and older sisters because they have more experience than me and can help me wisely if I have a problem.  I think that through respect to everything and to everyone is why success has not been something casual in my family, but an attitude acquired from the education my parents provided us. That is why I say respect and education go together.

In the same way, in my family there are different good manners to apply inside and outside the house. I have seen that after any meal, everybody has tasks to do after meal time. I behave the same way when visiting another house because it is of a well educated person to provide some help. From my parents, I have learned that everybody sits at the table at any meal time, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My mother hates when someone is doing something else during this time, so I’d better sit down. We have also learned from my parents how to behave in public places since we were children as well as to pay attention to someone speaking to us. Also, I have learned to say “thanks” in order to be polite when a person does a favor to us. Besides, we have learned from them to say where we go at night just in case anything bad happen. To tell the truth is another very important good manner because as an example, I remember once I took money from my mother`s pocket without asking her. Then I received a punishment for it. Since that moment, I consider it is better to tell the truth and ask when I need something. My little nephew, who is living with us, is learning the process of being polite because he used to interrupt people conversations with annoying questions. For this reason, my mother started teaching him good manners. Now, he goes to his bedroom when adults are speaking. Thanks to my parents` effort, I can say that everybody recognizes our behavior wherever we go and treats us with respect because they realize they are dealing with polite people. Thanks to my parents for teaching us such an instrument which has opened many doors to us everywhere we go.

Finally, there are important qualities in my family to mention. I consider love among my family members, respect to each other’s actions, and thoughts as well as good manners that we learned from my parents` hard work the tree most important aspects of my family. We have obtained fruitful results in all kind of relationships with friends, relatives, and colleagues. To write about my family has helped me to give more importance to each member and what they do in order to improve our relationship also It has been a great experience because when I go deep in my heart to turn all those feelings I have for each person in my family into writing, I definitely feel so proud of them.


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