Monday, June 20, 2011


By: Dileidy I. Tavárez Vasquez

      It is difficult for me to start writing about the three most important aspects of my life, because I am a shy person. But I consider that this is a way to let something of me go out.  As a way to become known as the person I am.  Not the one people think or see. I have things that define me, aspects of me that I consider important to run on my life. They represent my whole existence on earth. In fact, they are a big part of what builds and constitutes my personality and my way of being.
       First of all, one of the most important aspects of my life is the commitment I have as a daughter. I know my parents expect a lot of things from me. They expect that I achieve success in life. My parents are always teaching me how things work and how I should behave. They also advise me that I should work hard to become a better person, not only spiritually but also professionally. Moreover, they say I should feel and think about other people’s pains and struggles to make the difference. To achieve this, I must be constant and behave in the right way, no matter what life brings.
 Besides what has been said previously, my goal as a student has become a challenge for me. I decided to give the most and the best of me, so that I could overcome all my weaknesses to convert them into strength. I know that this way, I can build myself as a very good professional. Being a student is a very hard work, in which, at the end, it gives its rewards, depending on your effort. Knowledge and joy are keys to success. In addition to that, in my life as a student, I have faced lots of difficulties, but at the same time, I have learned how to overcome them. Three years and a half ago, I made the decision of starting studying in two different universities, UCNE (Universidad Católica Nordestana) and CURNE (Centro Universitario Regional del Nordeste). At first, it was hard for me, but I didn’t set a limit to myself. I was going beyond my expectations and I was aware of that, so I challenged myself and my capacity. All my time was invested on that. I didn’t have time to have fun or share with my family and friends. I never regreted of making that decision. All the effort I made was rewarded with having successfully completed and accomplished my goal. I Graduated and was honored Magna Cum Laude at UCNE, which makes my family and I proud due to what I have earned with effort and enthusiasm.
       As a complement of the aspects mentioned, what I am planning to accomplish as a professional is and will be to prepare myself as much as I can. That’s why, as soon as I finished my career I started thinking of persuing a masters degree as a means to keep growing, to widen my knowledge, and to continue opening as many doors as possible. That’s the only mode people have to grow and reach the aims they really want in life. Consequently, the more you study, the more capacity you acquire to deal with life and your job. In my case, I am a high school teacher. And if I prepare myself as much as I can, I will be able to help my students acquire knowledge, awareness, and also grow not only intellectually but mentally.  I always take my father for granted because he is a great professional and has succeeded in life. He is always telling me that I should make a big effort if I want to reach my goals in life. When people make big efforts, they are rewarded somehow at the end of the road. Future professionals should take advantage of time. They should invest it in activities that are really worth it in life.
      To sum up, being a member of my family has given me strengths. However it has given me weaknesses, too. My parents have given me the opportunity to learn a lot of things about life and the importance to build myself a person of knowledge. In fact, their advise have helped me grow and constitute myself as a person of challenge, not paying attention to difficulties, but just in overcoming them. Therefore, I am sure that the future has many promising things for me because I learned that success is earned by making a big effort. I have done a big one, which was rewarded with honor. Life has many advantages and disadvantages, but we should face life with courage and enthusiasm, doing things that will be rewarded somehow.

San Francisco de Macorís 2011.

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