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The poem, HAITI  was published by the Plymouth Writing Project in the Summer Writing Institute Anthology 2010.  This poem is the result of quick writing sessions with my students on the weekend that followed the earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010.  The sessions took place at CURNE -Centro Universitario Regional del Nordeste- (Regional University Center in the Northeast).  This is a branch of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (Autónomous University in Santo Domingo) and it is located in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic.  My students wrote very interesting paragraphs and just poems came out of my heart. I do not know why.  Out of all my poetry drafts, I chose one to share with my partners in a writing club.  They gave me very valuable feedback.  Later on, I shared the poem in a writing session at the Summer Writing Institute in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA and my partners gave me more feedback. This time, I am sharing it with my students, followers, and viewers in general through this blog.  After you read it, I would like to receive your feedback in terms of what you like, the questions it arises, and things to consider in order to improve it.

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By Máximo Encarnación Gomera

“A time to love...and a time for peace.”  (Eccl. 3:8)

Strong breath and courage
lying next to me
Eternal joys:
Dances in the streets,
happy cries of instruments
kettledrums embracing accordions
singing with their hearts
Oh! Africa, our beloved

Heroic Tousaint’s blood is mixed
with brave Lemba and De Ocampo’s
Beautiful Anacaona and Iguaniona’s
Enriquillo and Caonabo’s

Great shine opens
multicolored skies
spread by the sun
heating ebony skin
speaking up through the times:
Black is beautiful!

Feet tread back and forth
stepping on the dirt
One side and the other
Parted the island
over the brook
with clear waters
and a sad name

Yellowish dust
covers many eyes
Believe it or not
Same hunger, same struggle
same love
Same bright future
scribbled on foreheads

Nature flows commonly
like blood through the veins
Mother nurtures sons and daughters
with delicious rice, beans, meat
Tasty plantains, yucca, corn
coconut water
refreshing their souls

Now you are
a strong reason
to sing and not to cry
Remember the words
I whispered in your ears?
Remember that sorrowful evening
right before spring?
Remember when I told you
that in a glorious time
you would re-emerge
and then we would dance

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2011

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  1. Waohhh..Congratulation teacher you did an amazing job By writing that so beautiful poem... awesome...Way To Go...