Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poem in English

The Only Hope
Maricela Martínez

The day became dark as a heavy raining night.
Stared at figure disappearing in the distance
in the horizon a tiny figure was as a shooting star in the sky.
a sudden stab of pain in my heart I felt.
dark clouds began to spring up the entire surrounding
I looked for way to have a bit of light

After I see him off, dense tears rolled on my cheek.
no Jellyfish is happy when out of the see.
there is no peace for my soul after the storm began
you’ re leaving me forever and that’s the way it should be.
you heart is so tight that is out of my reach.

At any rate, I will hold in my wish of crossing the border
I will put up with my need of seeing the light of the sun
I will plead God to look after you while I am away
but no matter how far you are, in the sadness of my life
the memory of your eyes will be always in my mind

Like a ghost I feel, living in the dead
breathing, just to satisfy a need
stormy feelings of emotion burst from my heart
a big silence cover the scene and in the sadness
of my dreams we will never be apart

And when the time passes by, in the deepest recesses of my heart
I’ ll hope with my soul that you still belong to me as
I will always belong to you.

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