Thursday, April 28, 2011


Beautiful Afternoon at EL MALECON, Santo Domingo, D.R.
Great Sunset at EL MALECON

     Last Tuesday, I was teaching my IDI-023 class a lesson on the weather.  When explaining what a rain season was, I decided to stop and speak to them in Spanish about the fact that I used to experience rain seasons when I was a child. After I asked my students about the reasons why rain seasons dissappeared in many areas in our country, many of them started to contribute with their reasons. Among all the interesting things my students said, something called everybody's attention. Leidy told us that when she and her classmate, Evelyn were walking along EL MALECON, they say a small beach.  They felt terrible because the  beach was full of garbage.  Later, I proposed them to do something for our environment by cleaning that beach.  Fifteen of them accepted and we made arrangements to get together next Monday, first hour in the morning, to go and clean that beach and have lunch together. In fact, last Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 was our university's Green Day. I am sure the cleaning of the beach will be a wonderful green adventure, which constitutes our initiative to support this good cause.


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  2. Maximo,

    Congratulations for putting into practice such a wonderful idea. Hopefully, many other colleagues follow these steps so that we all together help in getting a cleaner city, a cleaner country... a cleaner world.