Sunday, April 17, 2011

Enjoy Some Images

Here, there are some pictures from one of the Public Readings of Compositions
In the Second Public Reading of Compositions, I do not remember the date, Marileydi de Leon was the Master of Ceremony and Dr. Meg Petersen, from New Hampshire, gave a Mini-Conference on writing..

Jordy sang in English and the audience enjoyed.

A priest accompanied his friend, Jordy with his guitar and also sang for us. 

Lissette GarcĂ­a reading her composition. She is finishing her career this semester.

Angel Padilla read, too.

Sorry for the people whose photos were not posted. I just wanted to give a little taste of what happened that wonderful afternoon.

See you on the next post

I had forgotten to post an image of the audience.  They  just loved it.

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  1. it looks very interesting, but also i would like to see the pictures of my composition...jejeeje